Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Scribblings on Aging

"Did you turn the iron off?", my sister asked as we were driving down the street away from our mom's house last Christmas. The three of us and my aunt were in the car, in a hurry, running late as our family tends to do. I knew I hadn't turned it off because I hadn't used it. No one else could say for sure whether it was unplugged or not. So, back up the road and into the drive we went. My mom, who was in the front passenger seat, said she'd run in and check. It wasn't until the next day though that she said something that made me pause. In referencing the day before she mentioned that you don't realize that there are things, you can't do anymore until you can't do them. She said she had intended to just run in the house and check the iron and found she couldn't just "run in" anymore. She turns 70 next month and I can see her getting older, but had never really put that into the context of aging. Her vibrancy, her spirit, her courage, her will aren't affected by aging. Yet her off-hand comment caught me by surprise and made my heart heart a little for her. It also has me wondering what do I want to do before I realize I can't do it anymore?

#156 -- Sunday Scribblings


A Girl Named Me said...

a good question....what is there that i want to do before i cannot anymore?

i will need to give this some serious thought.

thank you


Fledgling Poet said...

Very thoughtful really does make one ponder. Our brains stay youthful, but our bodies definitely can't keep up!