Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shiner Bock

Last week I had stopped at Chipolte. It was around 7:30ish in the evening and I ordered two veggie tacos. The guy at the end of the counter asked if I wanted a drink with that. Typically, I'd get a coke but I'm trying (again) to stop with the caffeine and the sugar - to eat healthier - to be healthier. I said no, but then I noticed the case of beer behind the counter and said on second thought, I'll have a Shiner Bock. No big deal to most, it was however a moment for me. The first time I'd ever ordered a beer with a meal by myself. (Or, ordered one for that matter. ) So, there I sat with my beer, two veggie tacos and the current issue of More magazine.

And, there was a moment when I knew all would one day again be right with my world. My world would indeed be different, look different than it did that day and my view would be bigger, broader, more encompassing than it ever had been before. The last two or so years have been about moving beyond and about the journey of becoming. They have been filled with challenges and change and growth as I try to find my way to who I am and what I want to be when I 'grow up' - to define it on my terms and with my own values.

Of the many things I want to learn - Italian, maybe French, to draw with just a pencil (to name a few) - one that I've said for a long, long time is to write. My friend Anne inspired me with the creation of her blog. So, I'm using that inspiration and this space to write - about what fascinates and iritates, encourages and energizes, motivates and moves me as I continue on with the process of letting go of who I was, so I can become who I was meant to be.

P.S. I'm sure too that Anne will be relieved because now she won't have to listen to yet another story - she can just read them!